1. I shop the best rates & the right mortgage solutions from our list of 60 preferred partners – banks, credit unions, private lenders & trust companies.

2. Mortgage brokers are matchmakers. I work with great clients & I match you to the right mortgage solutions.

3. Why get just one mortgage option from one lender. Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life. Let me shop the options & find you the best mortgage.

4. The application process is simple & quick.

5. Short on time? I am available daytime, evenings & weekends. We can book phone calls or in-person meetings.

6. I help you save thousands of dollars. I access your credit bureau once. Many people inadvertently disqualify themselves from getting the best rate when they are shopping for a mortgage. When multiple banks or credit unions access your credit bureau the score can drop, sometimes eliminating the chance for the best mortgage or in extreme cases, any mortgage at all.

7. I have mortgage products that meet the unique needs of my clients. Self-employed, new to Canada, rebuilding your credit? When a person’s situation isn’t ideal, there’s usually a story about why; maybe they’ve changed jobs, or maybe they’ve been through a divorce or another life-altering event and their credit was affected. It is my job to tell your story to a lender that will qualify you.

8. I care. My reputation has been built on providing exceptional service & advice in the Canadian Financial Services Industry for the last 30 years.

9. I am an expert. Bank employees are not licensed mortgage brokers & they only have knowledge of their own bank’s products & services, therefore they do not know & cannot advise you to go to other lenders.

10. I work for you. My loyalty is with you & I put your best interest first.

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